Self Translation


ISBN: 9781921924279 Format: PB 210x135mm 256pp Rights: World Release / Publication Date: 01 /09 /2012


‘in the river 
before the eye 
on the heaven beneath the feet’

Poems first written in Chinese but now presented in both Chinese and English, Self Translation is arguably Ouyang Yu’s most lyrical and resonant collection of poetry to date. The verse inhabits China and Australia in spirit and the natural world in both nations. Mellow and beautiful, yet questioning of the experience of moving between cultures, these are poems that provide a perfect companion to Ouyang’s award-winning novel The English Class. They feel at once Chinese and Australian in the intuitive and often indefinable elements that provide a path between two places.

Ouyang Yu was born in Huangzhou, China. Since arriving in Australia in 1991, Yu has commenced an extraordinarily prolific literary career as a poet, critic, translator, editor and novelist. His award-winning fiction includes The Eastern Slope Chronicle (2002) and The English Class (2010). He is also well known for his fine command of poetic craft and his poems have appeared in numerous literary journals and newspapers, and have been frequently anthologised. His many poetry books include Self Translation (2012) and Fainting with Freedom(2015). He currently divides his time between Melbourne, Australia and Shanghai, China, where he works as a professor at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics.