Revenge: Murder in Three Parts


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ISBN: 978-1-925760-58-3 Format: ISBN: 978-1-925760-58-3 240pp Rights: World Release / Publication Date: 01 /09 /2020
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‘A coiled spring of a novel, Revenge hits you right between the eyes.’ MALCOLM HARRIS, author of Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials and Shit is Fucked Up and Bullshit: History Since the End Of History

‘Before I go into my grave,’ she says out loud, ‘I will kill that man.’

A brilliant new novel from the author of Real Differences. A family favour their son over their daughter. Shan attends university before making his fortune in Australia while Yannie must find menial employment and care for her ageing parents. After her mother’s death, Yannie travels to Sydney to become enmeshed in her psychopathic brother’s new life, which she seeks to undermine from within …
This is a novel that rages against capitalism, hetero-supremacy, mothers, fathers, families – the whole damn thing. It’s about what happens when you want to make art but are born in the wrong time and place.
S. L. Lim brings to vivid life the frustrations of a talented daughter and vengeful sister in a nuanced and riveting novel that ends in the most unexpected way. It will not be easily forgotten.

On Real Differences.
‘Startlingly sophisticated and mature … exploring what it means to want an ethical framework for your life.’ Kerryn Goldsworthy, The Age

S L Lim was born in Singapore, moved to Sydney at the age of one, and has spent a good part of her life toggling back and forth between the two places. At university she edited the undergraduate magazine ‘Tharunka’, igniting blood feuds and running exposes of dodgy student societies. After dropping out of law school she graduated with an economics degree and lived the life of a suit for a while before going freelance. Her manuscript ‘Revenge’ to be published by Transit Lounge in 2020 was longlisted for the 2017 Epigram Fiction Prize. She lived for a period in the Slovak Republic, hates injustice, compulsory heterosexuality and the state, and has two pet birds almost as old as she is.