The Landing


ISBN: 978-0-9953594-1-3 Format: PB 144pp 218 x 135mm Rights: World Release / Publication Date: 01 /02 /2017


“This is a poetry of mindfulness, of balance, and of measure. A poetry that is at home in Nepal or at the football, in a Buddhist monastery or in Brunswick. A realism – that has its feet in the backyard and its head in the clouds.”
Pi O

“Reading these economical and elegant poems is like wandering in a forest where the trees, though lean of branch and leaf, cast a paradoxically large amount of shade. And always to the ear the bubbling of a mirthful snowmelt stream … Refreshing. Unique. A joy.”
Mal McKimmie

“Bountiful poems that show how sheerness is still unmatched when it comes to tangling with immensity.”
Toby Davidson

“This is not just a poetry of great warmth and humour. Paul Croucher is unlike most contemporary poets in his commitment to the psychoacoustics of the line and line break, and this collection could almost be read as a primer in the short line, demonstrating again and again its gravity and its possibility. Following the lead of Niedecker, the poems work between fact and song, always somehow landing on their feet. They are both deeply literary and democratic in inclination. Ultimately they are optimistic, of and for
‘these ordinary /end of days.’”
Tim Wright

“Lucid and spare, these poems alight in consciousness the way sunlight caresses a leaf.”
Patricia Sykes

Paul Croucher was born near Canberra in 1961, grew up in Sydney and Melbourne, and studied Asian history and Japanese at Monash University. He has previously published a history of Buddhism in Australia (UNSW Press) and was a co-founder of the poetry journal Salt-Lick Quarterly.