Kissed By a Deer: A Tibetan Odyssey


ISBN: 978-1-921924-95-8 Format: 448pp Rights: All rights: Transit Lounge Release / Publication Date: 01 /10 /2015


Prepare to be swept away by a story that is intimate, true, and utterly compelling. Margi Gibb’s much-loved father dies and, with her immediate family largely gone, her life is changed irrevocably. Immersing herself more deeply in art and music, she travels to America to study the sacred art of the mandala, exploring the wisdom traditions of Indigenous Indian peoples in the process. Then after a serendipitous encounter back in Australia she travels to Dharamsala to care for children in an after school program at a Tibetan women’s handicraft cooperative. Her underlying passion is to initiate guitar lessons for Tibetan refugees. What follows is unexpected. Margi,s developing bonds with two very different Tibetan men, Tenzin and Yonten, change her life in complex and enduring ways. Eventually she journeys to Tibet.

Kissed by a Deer is a book about East and West. It is a passionate quest for the personal and intellectual truth that only comes through lived experience. Gibb’s story gives us amazing places, and wonderful characters, people we come to love and care about despite their failings. In its pages, wisdom searchingly finds its humble roots in the connections of heart, imagination and mind; in the midst of the act of living.
Kissed by a Deer tells of one woman’s search for meaning and for life’s deeper truths.
Margi Gibb isn’t afraid to bare her soul on her journeys through India, Ladakh and Tibet. Along the way she introduces us to Tibetans discovering a new life in exile and disillusioned Westerners finding refuge in the East. Nothing is straightforward. Yet Gibb remains open, her words honest, her story heartfelt. This is a book that reminds us to live life one breath at a time.’

Claire Scobie, author of Last Seen in Lhasa

‘A travel memoir as beautifully written and as accessible as Davidson’s Tracks.’

Sue Smith, author of Discovering Buddha, Senior Lecturer, Charles Darwin University.

‘A rare gift of imagination, intellect and spirit … a passionate song of love, a lyrical testimony to living with humanity, humility and hope.’

Carl Leggo, author of Sailing in a Concrete Boat, Professor, University of British Columbia,

Margi Gibb was born in the Victorian high country. She is a singer, songwriter, visual artist, adventurer, survivor, writer and educator. An earlier version of Kissed by a Deer was written as the creative product of her PhD. It is her first full-length work of non-fiction. Margi currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she works as a learning advisor for an international college. More about Margi’s music. art and writing at: