Beyond the Vapour Trail: The beauty, horror and humour of life. An aid worker’s story.


ISBN: 978-0-9943957-4-0 Format: Trade PB Rights: World Release / Publication Date: 01 /10 /2016


A two-year-old girl is abandoned on the streets of Ulaan Bataar with a bag of clothes and  a note pinned to her: ‘Please take care of me …’

Twelve-year-old Betty, alone looking after her dying mother, is kidnapped to become a child soldier …

An Australian aid worker finds himself off the tourist map confronted by the struggles of people in the developing world, across six continents. He discovers the inspirational and the beautiful; people and cultures responding to their changing landscape; the stories and courage of individuals who bring fresh perspectives to life.

And so much that is just funny …

‘Brett Pierce’s globe-gobbling journey is a caravanserai of the good, the bad and the thoroughly ugly, which comprise his passionate work. I loved the intriguing title, his unpretentious style that kept me reading, his very real emails back home – both informative and genuinely personal – and a surprising epilogue that tugged and delighted this fellow traveller’s heart and mind. I felt as though I had grown to both know Brett and admire his indefatigable commitment. A bold, humane and utterly readable book.’

George Negus, author of  The World  from Down Under and The World from Islam


Brett Pierce works in overseas aid which has taken him to over seventy countries. His work has been instrumental in adapting and remodelling child sponsorship to empower local community-led care and protection and child participation, currently rolling out to over 4.3 million children and their communities globally. When he is not travelling, his home is on the Mornington Peninsula where he enjoys time with his family, harp-building, painting in oils, and the brewing of fine ales.