Chester Eagle has written novels (Four Faces Wobbly Mirror, 1974 and Wainwrights’ Mountain, 1997), essays (Benedictus 2006), portraits of Australian life (Hail & Farewell: an evocation of Gippsland, 1971; Mapping the Paddocks, 1984; and Play Together, Dark Blue Twenty, 1985), and much more besides, including, recently, several collections of opera librettos (Love in the Age of Wings & other operas, 2003; and The Sun King & other operas, 2007). His earlier books were published by Heinemann, Wren, McPhee Gribble and Harper Collins. More recently he has published privately under the on-line Trojan Press imprint. Now, for his latest collection, a set of essays on Australia’s literary tradition, he has joined with Transit Lounge publishing. His writing and publishing career began in 1971 and is still moving forward.