AARON SMITH is a freelance journalist, as well as a media and communications consultant. His stories have appeared on SBS, ABC Radio,CNN,The Guardian, Australian Geographic and Koori Mail to name a few.
Aaron grew up in Tasmania, grew street-smart in Melbourne, then grew older in various locations around the planet. From 2013 until 2019 Aaron was the editor of The Torres News. The position garnered him two Queensland Clarion Journalism Awards and four finalist nominations.
Prior to journalism Aaron was a playwright, filmmaker, actor, grunge rocker, sound engineer, barman, dish pig, truck driver and many other things he chooses not to remember. His previous books are Shanti Bloody Shanti: an Indian odyssey (2012) and Chasing El Dorado: a South American adventure.
Aaron currently lives in far north Queensland with his wife, daughter, and their three-legged dog.
More at: https://www.aaronsmithmedia.com